In our digital age, Information Technology plays an important role in most peoples’ lives. We turn to IT professionals for troubleshooting computer-related issues, updating our devices, and installing new software – but IT involves much more than that, especially at a multifaceted health care organization like UPMC. UPMC’s IT team is responsible for maintaining our computer network systems, managing automation and operation of health care devices, keeping our patients’ records secure, improving our digital processes, and many other functions that help us keep our communities safe and healthy.

For young professionals looking for an IT career in a rewarding industry, UPMC offers the IT Rotational (ITR) program: a two-year, salaried accelerated learning program that includes four six-month rotations. ITR participants gain first-hand experience in areas like security operations, application development, system integration, and infrastructure, plus providing other IT solutions across our organization.

Hear from a handful of our recent ITR participants about their experience:

Mia gained a career boost!

Mia: This program has been such a fantastic first step into the corporate world, as well as a comprehensive introductory view of UPMC’s IT space. Given that this is my fourth and final rotation, I am extremely thankful for these past two years. The work I was able to provide to each of the departments I rotated through and the development I was able to achieve as a young professional was such a significant boost to gain in these early years of my career. While I am saddened for this to be my last six months in the program and will miss the other ITR participants dearly, I am more than looking forward to my final placement post-ITR program, and for all the amazing opportunities and work that will come in the future! – Mia R., current ITR participant

Anne is making an impact.

Anne: I am currently working with the eRecord Pharmacy Automation group, which means I work with the robots that dispense medication for patients based on clinicians’ and pharmacists’ orders and approvals. When UPMC Kane, one of our critical access hospitals, needed new automation hardware, I got to travel with my team to load the cabinets, install them on the floors, and understand the clinician workflow.

It was a great experience that allowed me to see my work directly impact the functionality of our hospitals. As an ITR, I loved being able to see how automation works at small hospital, compared to some of the bigger hospitals. Working with the automation products gives me a direct connection to patient care, and puts the UPMC values of innovation, quality, and safety front and center. I may not be treating the patient in the room, but I know my work is vital in providing our patients the best possible care.

My favorite days are when we get to work with our clinicians and pharmacists to streamline workflows or kick off new implementations because it is on those days that I know my work is very directly impacting the lives of our patients! Anne C., current ITR participant

"I may not be treating the patient in the room, but I know my work is vital in providing our patients the best possible care."

— Anne C.

Madison gained a myriad of skills.

Madison: During the two years that I spent in the ITR program, I had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people on very challenging and impactful projects. This resulted in my gaining a myriad of skills and obtaining a rather expansive network that I would not have had without being an ITR employee. Rotating to four different areas allowed me to gain a broad range of experience and has helped to propel my career in health care IT. Though I graduated from the program in January 2021, I still benefit from this opportunity and can leverage the knowledge I gained and the connections I made in my every day life. – Madison C., Associate Project Manager, IT Integration Services

Emily explored & found her passion.

Emily: I joined the ITR program a few weeks after college graduation in the winter of 2019. Having just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, I was excited for the chance to experience so many different teams, departments, and projects while in my first two years of my professional career. I knew with my various interests in IT, a rotational program would be the best move for me, and I was absolutely proven right at UPMC. Throughout the ITR program, I was given the opportunity to volunteer for my local community, participate in a vast variety of technical projects, improve my soft skills, and grow my professional network.

My favorite thing about working at UPMC is the people. Everyone is so supportive, understanding, and willing to encourage your personal and professional growth. The ITR program was so beneficial for me, as I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduation, and I was able to move through different teams in IT and eventually find my passion for cybersecurity. I have a much more holistic view of UPMC IT because of my time in the ITR program. – Emily Y., Information Security Analyst, IAS Remediation Services

Adam learned the importance of his work.

Adam: I’m currently working with the Enterprise Productivity and Collaboration Services team, meaning I get to work directly with employees across the organization to make sure our technology is working with them in a way that promotes feelings of productivity and connectedness. Our group strives to help make the UPMC community feel more connected online. As part of our technology adoption efforts, I got to travel with some of the team to UPMC Altoona and UPMC Bedford on a three-day trip to help employees at those locations learn more about Microsoft Teams. My favorite part about this presentation series is how you can tune in virtually, no matter where you are.

This trip served as a reminder that working in IT at UPMC has a real impact on the health care experience of our patients. We are the enablers – we enable doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to provide the Life Changing Medicine that our patients experience daily. Visiting our sites is a great reminder behind the importance of our work. – Adam G., current ITR participant

"Working in IT at UPMC has a real impact on the health care experience of our patients."

— Adam G.

Jordan built leadership confidence.

Jordan: The ITR program provided me the opportunity to learn, explore, lead, and build valuable relationships. I’ve been mentored by some amazing individuals at UPMC, and I certainly would not have had the opportunity to interact with them had I not been an ITR employee. Each rotation presented an opportunity to learn about a completely new IT domain and service area. The program enables you to explore the various areas of IT and the many business units of UPMC. It’s truly eye-opening to see and be a part of so many moving pieces of an [organization] the size of UPMC. Leadership opportunities are always available, and the program helps you build your confidence and seize those opportunities. The relationships you build are the most important. I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with many different teams at UPCM and learn a little about how they support the organization. – Jordan D., Senior Systems Engineer, Enterprise Architecture

UPMC’s ITR program is a full-time, salaried position, eligible for all UPMC employee benefits. As an ITR participant, you’ll have the opportunity to network with high-level executives, give back to our communities through service events, receive guidance from a personal mentor who is an IT leader, and build lasting connections within UPMC. Interested in taking the next step in your IT career?