From Research Scientist to Bedside Nurse

Senior Professional Staff Nurse Emily W., PhD, BSN, RN shared her perspective on what her experience at UPMC St. Margaret means to her. 

My 4 Words to Describe UPMC St. Margaret: Straight from the CNO

UPMC St. Margaret Chief Nursing Officer Mary B. shares how she ended up at UPMC St. Margaret and how her journey with cancer intersected with her career.

My Patient Access Success Story

Patient access representatives impact our patients’ experiences and can be a great first step toward a rewarding care career. Hear Cory H.'s story.

Graduate Nurse Q & A Part 2

Kate Z., GN, talks about how her voice matters and her practice makes a difference in the department she's a part of here at UPMC.

Graduate Nurse Q & A Part 1

When Kelsy Richardson became a graduate nurse at UPMC, she joined a culture and a team that cares. Hear all about her nursing career!

How My Midlife Crisis Became Life Changing

Andrew turned his midlife crisis into an impactful career change that led him to impactful work with UPMC senior communities. Here's his story.

10 Inspiring Quotes that Describe UPMC Nurses

We rounded up ten of our favorite quotes about nursing, and are dedicating this post to all the compassionate and talented nurses on our UPMC team!

How My Untraditional Path Brought Me (Back) to UPMC

After moving from Mexico to Pittsburgh, Christian M. shares how UPMC helped him get him back into practicing law here in the USA.

Back to Where It Began: Becoming a Full-Circle Faculty Member

Timothy Gill, faculty at UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing, shares how he went from RN to BSN to nursing faculty to PhD student, all with UPMC!

Achieving a Dream Together: Twin Nursing Instructors Share Their Story

A story of teamwork, perseverance, and encouragement, twin sisters Andrea and Andia Berry share how their careers as nursing faculty came full-circle at UPMC.

How I Found Balance Between My Nursing Career and Life

Jessica, a nurse at UPMC Shadyside, shares how she met her goals for her life and UPMC career while finding balance in the process.

For My Education: Why I’m a Nurse at UPMC

Kaleya, a nurse at UPMC Shadyside, shares how education and empowerment have impacted her present and future nursing career at UPMC.

How a Nurse Changed My Life and Future

Born and raised in Nigeria, Neuroscience ICU Unit Director Chibugo U. shares how a nurse forever changed her future and career at UPMC Shadyside.

Why I’ve Been a Nurse for 33 Years

14,000 nursing professionals have made UPMC their employer of choice—now it's your turn to discover why! Jessy shares her story.

Tiny Patients, Big Impact: My Role as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Katie works with Pittsburgh’s tiniest patients in the NICU and gets the chance to make a big impact at the start of a child’s life.

The Unexpected Place I Found My Career Match

As a former teacher, Sara found her place at UPMC as a department manager in Graduate Medical Education.

Full-Circle Care: My Role as a Peer Specialist at WPIC

"I came into this role because I am a person who lives with a mental health diagnosis." Jennifer shares the inspiring way she gets to be a part of UPMC’s mission to support people in recovery.

Recent Grads Share Perks of Health Care IT

What makes you excited to go to work every day? Our Information Technology Rotational (ITR) program participants give answers to this question!

A Different Kind of Care: Hillman Cancer Center Volunteers

UPMC CancerCenter volunteers touch the lives of thousands of patients and their families. We are pleased to share their remarkable stories of hope and kindness.

Finding Your Fit: The UPMC FMR Program

We sat down with four current FMRs here at UPMC to ask them a few questions about how they knew they were a fit for UPMC’s FMR program!

A Day in the Life of a TCU Nurse

Vernice has been at TCU Nurse at UPMC Montefiore for 29 years. She walks us through her typical day and all its challenges and rewards.

Serving Seniors at Sherwood Oaks

Kailey and Alexis’s experiences of building relationships with residents at Sherwood Oaks have shaped their academic paths and careers.

5 Things You Never Knew About S.W.A.T. Nursing

Do you love having exposure to a diverse range of patient cases? S.W.A.T. nursing at UPMC may be a fit for you!

5 Reasons It Pays to Work in Health Care IT

IT Professionals with UPMC Health Plan share 5 rewarding benefits of working in this dynamic, adaptive field.

Medical Coding: Five Reasons It’s Your Fit

Whether you’re just beginning your career or are ready for a change, explore five unique benefits of this field. Medical Coding could be a fit for you!