New Nurses, New Unit, Forever Friends

The story of how two colleagues became best friends and now work side-by-side leading their unit and precepting new nurses into their roles at UPMC.

A Career of Service: Tom’s UPMC Story

Tom is passionate about leading his team well and changing the way people look at Environmental Services and Housekeeping employees.

Growing & Leading in His Hometown: Keshon’s UPMC Story

Through tuition assistance and mentorship by coworkers, Keshon is growing and leading as a staff nurse in his hometown of McKeesport. Here's his story.

Lab Chart

Thanking UPMC’s Hidden Heroes

Today we pause to share the stories of some of the Hidden Heroes of 2020: UPMC’s laboratory technicians.

Here’s How UPMC Passavant Became a Magnet Hospital

Magnet Recognition is a badge that UPMC Passavant wears with pride — not just for the title, but for what it means to the nurses who proudly call it home.

What It’s Really Like to be a Student Nurse Intern at UPMC

Ever wonder what it's like to be a student nurse intern at UPMC? Our most recent class of interns are here to share what they learned and what future SNIs can expect.

We Chose UPMC Northwest: Nurses Share Their Why

Rachel, Cassie, Charles, and David shared 4 reasons why they enjoy their role as nurses, are passionate about their community in Seneca, PA, and are proud to have a place on the Northwest team.

Student Nurse Q&A: Lessons from the Hospital & Classroom

Current students and patient care technicians at UPMC share how they balance school and work and why they love their roles as PCTs.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – UPMC’s Student Nurse Internship

UPMC’s Student Nurse Internship program allows nursing students to witness high quality of care and gain valuable experience with the support of a one-on-one preceptor.

To Teach and Empower: My Role as a Home Health Nurse

Margaret H., shares what she loves about her unique role as a home health nurse.

Five Reasons to Choose UPMC Hamot, In the Words of Our Nurses

For the many nurses who call it home, UPMC Hamot is the place they have chosen to build their careers and serve their communities.

Four Lessons My Career as a Certified Nursing Assistant Has Taught Me

Spend a few moments talking with Terry, a Certified Nursing Assistant at Asbury Heights, and you'll quickly pick up on his inspiring perspective.

Finding Harmony in My Second Career: Meredith’s Path to Nursing

Changing your career is an overwhelming idea. But for those who are willing to take the plunge, a "second career" can bring renewed energy, passion, and fulfillment to life.

Balancing Career and Family: Why Home Health Makes Sense For Me

One of the most important things that home health has given Nicole is the ability to juggle both family and career. While she began as a full-time home health nurse, Nicole decided to accept a casual…

Inside the Operating Room: Q&A with UPMC Surgical Technologists

What does it take to be a surgical technologist? 3 members of our team at UPMC Presbyterian share some insider secrets from the world of surgical technology.

Not Your Average Career: My Path to Canterbury Place

As a military veteran and a licensed practical nurse with a 25-year career, James H. leverages his diverse background to care for the elderly in his own community.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Working in Senior Communities

When Kelsey began her career as an LPN, she was overwhelmed by all the possible directions where she could take her career. She shares how working at a Senior Community was a fit for her.

From Patients to Family: Why Your Community Needs LPNs Like You

While some nurses choose to continue their education beyond the Licensed Practical Nurse level, Carol’s career as an LPN has afforded her all the opportunity and development she could’ve hoped……

Overcoming Obstacles to Care: My Career as a CRNA

For Brett F., a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) at UPMC, a challenging physical disability has affected the entirety of his life and career  — but it hasn't held him back in the…

How to Build a Career in Echocardiography That You Love

Kat took us behind the scenes of her own career to reveal why her work as an echocardiography sonographer means so much to her and to offer some guidance for how you can find the same career success.

An Integral Part of the Team: Respiratory Therapist Q&A

Respiratory therapy may not be one of the best-known medical fields, but it certainly is one of the most important.

How My Childhood in Kenya Inspires My Career at UPMC

Born and raised in Kenya, Alvine T. learned from a very young age just how much health care matters.

Turning Bad Days into Blessings

Paul F. began his career as a plant manager in a metal manufacturing facility. But an opportunity came along that introduced Paul to his second calling – nursing.

The International Impact of Nurses

Jamaica C. of UPMC Presbyterian never would’ve anticipated that her nursing career would take her halfway across the globe from her homeland, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why I Overcame My Fears to Become A Nurse

Madeline M. shares how her brother’s many health issues impacted to become a Life Changing nurse at UPMC.