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Rewarded with Purpose | My Journey at UPMC


UPMC’s Total Rewards program helps REAL employees achieve both personal and professional goals through compensation, benefits, respect for work-life needs and opportunities, employee development, and extension of career opportunities. In other words: UPMC’s Total Rewards program helps people just like YOU get to where they want to be! Carolina Frantz, a current UPMC employee, shares… Read more »

I am a Difference Maker | My TCU Nursing Story at UPMC


“So, why did you choose to enter the nursing field?” In 2010, my uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While watching him battle through the stages of his disease, and being with him during his last moments in the ICU, I realized that I wanted to be the person to help make a difference in… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a TCU Nurse


I’ve been working in the TCU (Transitional Care Unit) at UPMC Montefiore for 27 years. What keeps me coming back day after day is the variety of patients I get to interact with, and the moments of compassionate care I get to provide. Each 12-hour shift I work brings its own challenges and rewards, and… Read more »